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Severn Bridge, Worcester

Severn Bridge, Worcester
A print showing the Severn Bridge, Worcester

Gloucester Cathedral, view of the north walk of the cloisters

Gloucester Cathedral, view of the north walk of the cloisters
A print showing a view of the north walk of the cloisters in Gloucester Cathedral.

Gloucester Cathedral, view of the crypt looking east

Gloucester Cathedral, view of the crypt looking east
A print showing the crypt looking east in Gloucester Cathedral.

The experiences of war widows during and after the British civil wars, with particular reference to the Midlands

The British civil wars of the mid-seventeenth century are collectively estimated to have been the bloodiest conflict in British history. More than three percent of the pre-war population in England and Wales perished during the wars, a figure…

Northampton: a study of town expansion, political structures and processes.

This study is concerned with an aspect of public sector resource allocation, specifically the mechanisms whereby United Kingdom central government public expenditure within the New Towns budget heading was utilised for the planned expansion of the…

Suffolk settlement: A study in continuity

Much of the East Anglian landscape can still be regarded by the historical geographer as an unknown palimpsest. Its medieval field pattern, for example, still awaits adequate explanation and the whole fascinating development of the roads and tracks…

The twentieth-century poor law in the Midlands and Wales, c.1900-1930

This thesis examines the New Poor Law between c.1900 and 1930, the last three decades of its operation before boards of guardians were abolished by the 1929 Local Government Act. The poor law during this period has been widely neglected by historians…

Stories from the Edge: Creating an Identity in Early Medieval North-West Staffordshire

This thesis takes as its research area the southern half of Pirehill Hundred, Staffordshire. Despite being in the Mercian heartland, it is an area that has remained on the periphery of discussions by scholars of the early medieval period. To bring…

Settlement, territory and land use in the East Midlands: the Langton hundred, c. 150 B.C. - c. A.D. 1350

An inter-disciplinary approach has been adopted for the study of historical process in the landscape of one particular area of south-east Leicestershire. The value of combining archaeological data with documentary evidence is its potential for…

The Holland Fen: Social and topographical changes in a Fenland environment, 1750-1945

Although much has been written about the consequences of drainage work carried out in peat fens, the result of eighteenth-century drainage and parliamentary enclosures in Lincolnshire silt fens has received little attention other than at a general…