Theses and papers covering the Modern period (c.1800 to present).

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Oakham in Rutland in the Victorian Census Returns 1841-1901: An examination of the major factors underlying the county town’s continued existence and prosperity

The intention of the thesis is to examine, through the returns to the Victorian censuses of 1841 to 1901, how a microcosm of England – the small market town of Oakham in England’s smallest county, rural Rutland – shared in the immense changes of the…

A Micro-History of the Poor Relief Response to Crisis and Dearth: Quainton, Buckinghamshire 1796-1804

Many local studies have looked at the application of poor relief at parish level. This thesis is unique in considering how the rural agricultural parish of Quainton responded to the dearth of 1799-1801. It considers how flexible Quainton`s relief…

Farming community and identity in Lower Wharfedale, Yorkshire, 1914-1951

The terms ‘community’ and ‘local’ carry with them a host of preconceived ideas and positive connotations which are often taken as self-evident. This study re-examines the two ideas in the context of a farming community in Yorkshire in the early part…
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