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Cheshire Waterways

Map of Cheshire Waterways. From Iredale's thesis 'Canal Settlement', p.20.

Canal Side Smithy, 1837

Plan of a canal side smithy in Barnton, Cheshire c.1837. From Iredale's thesis 'Canal Settlement', pp.84-85.


Frontispiece from Iredale's thesis 'Canal settlement'.

“Worthy Citizens”: Middle-Class Women and the Public Sphere in Leicester c. 1850-1900

Although the political and economic history of Leicester during the nineteenth century has been well-documented, the current historiography focuses on the contribution made by Leicester’s men. Women are rarely mentioned. Yet while the male elite of…

The suburbs of Victorian Oxford: growth in a pre-industrial city

This study examines the origins, growth and subsequent character of the Victorian suburbs of Oxford, a small provincial city with no industrial base. Major sources include newspapers, census enumerators' returns, deposited plans, and plan registers,…

The politics of sudden death: the office and role of the coroner in England and Wales, 1726-1888

The office of coroner has attracted little attention from academic historians. This thesis presents the first comprehensive study of the role across England and Wales between 1726 and 1888. It engages with, and throws new light on, some of the major…

Poor Relief and Welfare: a comparative study of the Belper and Cheltenham Poor Law Unions, 1780 to 1914

There are few local studies of a comparative nature encompassing poor law unions in different regions. This thesis is unique in considering a union in the north midlands and one bordering the south-west, from 1780 to 1914. The provision of relief in…

Northampton: a study of town expansion, political structures and processes.

This study is concerned with an aspect of public sector resource allocation, specifically the mechanisms whereby United Kingdom central government public expenditure within the New Towns budget heading was utilised for the planned expansion of the…

Medicine and Poverty: A Study of the Poor Law Medical Services of the Leicester Union, 1867-1914

This thesis presents a micro-study of the poor law medical services provided by a large provincial union in a rapidly growing industrial town during the central phase of poor law administration. The poor law medical service has been perceived as a…

Local Government Reform, Urban Expansion and Identity: Nottingham and Derby, 1945-1968

This study examines changes in the governance of Nottingham and Derby in the period 1945-1968 from a local and national perspective. In so doing it foreshadows the changes wrought by the Local Government Act 1972, which usually receives greater…