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A Micro-History of the Poor Relief Response to Crisis and Dearth: Quainton, Buckinghamshire 1796-1804

Many local studies have looked at the application of poor relief at parish level. This thesis is unique in considering how the rural agricultural parish of Quainton responded to the dearth of 1799-1801. It considers how flexible Quainton`s relief…

Farming community and identity in Lower Wharfedale, Yorkshire, 1914-1951

The terms ‘community’ and ‘local’ carry with them a host of preconceived ideas and positive connotations which are often taken as self-evident. This study re-examines the two ideas in the context of a farming community in Yorkshire in the early part…

The Microhistory of a Lincolnshire Parish: Humberston, 1750-1850

This is an account of everyday life in a single village (Humberston in Lincolnshire) in the century after 1750. However, this study is more than a local history, for it uses the experience of Humberston to examine and test some major issues of…

Family and Community in a Small Industrial Town: Hathersage in the Nineteenth-century

This thesis focuses on one north Derbyshire township and its response to industrialization. Wire-drawing was just one of the crafts practiced in the Hope valley but chance played a part in the development of needle-making factories and workshops in…

Migration to Fletton 1841-1911: An Exploration of Family Migration, the Creation of Community and Social Mobility through Marriage

The geography and geology, of the parish of Fletton, attracted the railways and brickyards. To enable these industries to grow and develop workers were needed. Using Ravenstein’s Laws as an initial starting point, this thesis will initially explore…

The twentieth-century poor law in the Midlands and Wales, c.1900-1930

This thesis examines the New Poor Law between c.1900 and 1930, the last three decades of its operation before boards of guardians were abolished by the 1929 Local Government Act. The poor law during this period has been widely neglected by historians…

Cheshire Waterways

Map of Cheshire Waterways. From Iredale's thesis 'Canal Settlement', p.20.

Canal Side Smithy, 1837

Plan of a canal side smithy in Barnton, Cheshire c.1837. From Iredale's thesis 'Canal Settlement', pp.84-85.


Frontispiece from Iredale's thesis 'Canal settlement'.