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Map of Enclosure in Leicestershire, 1485-1550

Map 1 from L. A. Parker’s “Enclosure in Leicestershire, 1485-1607”, p.250.

Transitional hunting landscapes: deer hunting and foxhunting in Northamptonshire, 1600-1850

Between the seventeenth and nineteenth centuries the sport of hunting was transformed. The principal prey changed from deer to fox, and the methods of pursuit were revolutionized. The traditional explanation of the hunting transition has aligned…

The Politics of Canal Construction: The Ashby Canal, 1781-1804

Between 1781-1804 the residents of a number of parishes in Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Warwickshire found themselves on the receiving end of the promotion and construction of the Ashby Canal. As with most new developments, especially those that…

The corporation and tradesmen of Stamford, 1461-1649, with an indication of developments until 1750

This thesis examines critically the corporation of Stamford, from the granting of its Charter of Incorporation in 1461/2 to 1649, a period extended in specific instances to approximately 1750. The emphasis of Section I, 1461/2-1558, is upon a…

Techniques for reconstructing landscapes. A study of Allesley, Coundon and Stoneleigh parishes in the Warwickshire Arden

This thesis demonstrates that private researchers with limited resources can use computer-based methods to reconstruct and understand old landscapes in the greatest detail and to the highest accuracy that the documentary evidence allows. The most…

Parochial clergy of the Archdeaconry of Coventry, c. 1500 – c. 1600

This thesis sets out to analyse the size, distribution and character of the clerical profession in the archdeaconry of Coventry between circa 1500 and the close of Elizabeth's reign. The focus of the thesis, therefore, is firmly on the parochial…

Ipswich in the seventeenth century

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