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Canal Side Smithy, 1837

Plan of a canal side smithy in Barnton, Cheshire c.1837. From Iredale's thesis 'Canal Settlement', pp.84-85.


Frontispiece from Iredale's thesis 'Canal settlement'.

Map of Enclosure in Leicestershire, 1485-1550

Map 1 from L. A. Parker’s “Enclosure in Leicestershire, 1485-1607”, p.250.

“Worthy Citizens”: Middle-Class Women and the Public Sphere in Leicester c. 1850-1900

Although the political and economic history of Leicester during the nineteenth century has been well-documented, the current historiography focuses on the contribution made by Leicester’s men. Women are rarely mentioned. Yet while the male elite of…

Transitional hunting landscapes: deer hunting and foxhunting in Northamptonshire, 1600-1850

Between the seventeenth and nineteenth centuries the sport of hunting was transformed. The principal prey changed from deer to fox, and the methods of pursuit were revolutionized. The traditional explanation of the hunting transition has aligned…