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How to Search

The search box can be found either at the top right of the homepage, or by clicking on the Browse Item tab. 

To search for a place or topic do a simple keyword search e.g. put ‘Kent’ or ‘parish’ into the box and hit return. To find a particular thesis, search using words from the title of the thesis and/or the author’s surname.

To find theses supervised by a particular academic, search using their surname e.g. Hoskins. You can search using an author or supervisor’s full name. This must be entered as: Surname, Initials or Surname, First Name(s) e.g. Hoskins, W.G.

Using the advanced search

The advanced search allows you to search using specific fields. First, click Search Items. Under ‘Narrow by Specific Fields’ click on ‘Select Below’ and choose the field you want e.g. Supervisor. Change the new Select Below box to ‘contains’. In the third box type the name of the supervisor e.g. Hoskins. Then scroll down and click ‘Search for items.’