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Cheshire Waterways

Map of Cheshire Waterways. From Iredale's thesis 'Canal Settlement', p.20.

Canal Side Smithy, 1837

Plan of a canal side smithy in Barnton, Cheshire c.1837. From Iredale's thesis 'Canal Settlement', pp.84-85.


Frontispiece from Iredale's thesis 'Canal settlement'.

Map of Enclosure in Leicestershire, 1485-1550

Map 1 from L. A. Parker’s “Enclosure in Leicestershire, 1485-1607”, p.250.

“Worthy Citizens”: Middle-Class Women and the Public Sphere in Leicester c. 1850-1900

Although the political and economic history of Leicester during the nineteenth century has been well-documented, the current historiography focuses on the contribution made by Leicester’s men. Women are rarely mentioned. Yet while the male elite of…